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Stop paying too much for long distance! Get cheap long distance telephone rates today, that the "big" companies, like AT&T, Pacific Bell, or Worldcom just don't offer. Think that 7 cents a minute are cheap long distance phone rates? Well, it isn't. We show you what cheap means with regard to long distance telephone service rates. And if you want to save even more, you should also check out phone cards for additional savings.
To find the cheapest long distance telephone service rates available to you, use our Bottom Line Best Rate Calculator. For residential phone service, use the residential BottomLine Best Rate calculator, for business service, use the Business Bottom Line Best Rate Calculator posted below the residential one.

Residential Bottom Line Best Rate Calculator

Should you be looking for other telecommunication services, check out our pages about local phone service, toll free 1-800 numbers, dial arounds. A new technology that is quickly emerging are broadband phones. For more details, visit our broadband phone or VoIP (Voice over IP) providers sections.

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